My Mission

Hi, I’m Jamie (Mind Chill),

My Mission is to help solve the worlds biggest problems with creativity.

If CREATIVITY was more VALUABLE than DATA, it would rebalance the world.

The way I see it, there are 8 major problems facing the world, that I think I can help with:

  • Mental Health
  • Marine Conservation.
  • Wildlife Conservation.
  • Global Public Health.
  • Human Rights and Access to Justice.
  • Social Economic Development, poverty and inequality.
  • Climate Crisis and Clean Energy.
  • Education

I believe creativity can help solve these.

I have funded creativity with creativity to get to this point, creativity has been my currency. 

We have an opportunity at a new world - A better one! 

Welcome to the 'The Dawn of the Digital Artists'

Jamie (Mind Chill) 5/3/2021


Who is Mind Chill?

Jamie Goldblatt CEO mind chill


Hi! I'm a creative social entrepreneur and digital mixed reality artist who previously founded Mobstar Media.

Mobstar created original innovative digital entertainment, art wallpapers, themes and gifs. We obtained distribution deals with global operators, media companies and handset manufacturers around the world. (60 million+ downloads) 

My new venture Mind Chill currently reaches and affects millions on social and through supportive partners like CEEK and Music Crowns

With the advancement of Crypto, NFT's and Blockchain tech, I believe, now is the biggest opportunity to inspire real change!

I have a mission to use creativity to chill the world out.

I have a rescue cat called Lottie, a 7 year old boy called Taiga and a very patient, understanding and animal loving wife of 20 years.

Want to talk?

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