Mind Chill Coin

Tackling the $1 Trillion Mental Health Crisis Head-On

TOKEN to chill the world out!

Peace of mind is our strongest weapon against societal chaos, and a calm mind is essential in combating society's darkest tendencies, from violence to extremism. It's time to $GOCHILL

Jamie (Mind Chill)

The Problem

Everyone is stressed out!

People in crisis are given pills to numb the pain, or they seek alternative substances to crave.

Elections, wars and toxic engagement divide.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Solution is Simple: Incentivize the Chill!

mind chill coin use cases

Mental Health Credits:

Each Mind Chill Coin $GOCHILL transaction earns 'Proof of Chill' Credits, used for accessing a range of mental wellness and chill out resources, services and products accessible to individuals and institutions.


Our Marketplace Mission is to become the 'Amazon of Mental Wellness' – a vast, trusted chill-out marketplace linking users to a serene world of mental well-being, products, services, activities and support to help you find your chill.

Mind Chill's Global Community

A genuine, heartfelt network, built organically over time, where real experiences unite us. Mind Chill Guardians look out for the community, creating a sanctuary to truly embrace the chill.

Mind Chill Guardians are also Chill 2 Earn Companions, accessed via Mind Chill Messenger.

Crafted by NFT owners, these AI companions assist in stepping away from reality, all while incentivizing the chill.

Mind Chill Coin Powers Chill 2 Earn Economics!

incentivizing the Chill through experiences, missions, events and games.

The goal is to reward individuals for activities that chill their mind, while also contributing to the overall well being of society across all realities:

Be Creative
Be Active
Be Mindful
Be Logical
Be Kind
Be Adventurous
Be Inspirational

Only Mind Chill NFT holders can access Chill 2 Earn Economics.

Mind Chill Media

A studio where creators pitch chill-out ideas to Mind Chill Guardians for rewards in Mind Chill Coin. Includes distribution support; fees and sponsorships also in Mind Chill Coin via Bank of Chill.

Metaverse Of Chill Experiences:

As the world blurs into a digital game, find your true escape from online toxicity. Own your sanctuary and discover the mystery behind the Purple Moon.


200 Million Total Supply

Seamless Bridging and Enhanced Security: Mind Chill's Partner Kaizan Finance ensures easy $GOCHILL movement across blockchains, backed by robust cybersecurity for a seamless experience.

Staking and Token Vesting: Mind Chill Coin introduces flexible behavior staking options and token vesting, tailored for dynamic asset engagement in select countries.


SAFT 1 - 12 Months Vesting

SAFT 2 - 11 Months Vesting

Launchpads (DEX) 8 Months Vesting

CEX Exchanges

Supporters of the chill



Absolutely Blown away!

Talk about creative!

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

I got into this project for the focus on mental health and the amazing artwork. Then found tokenomics/economics focused on sustainability and developing an envirionment that truley rewards personal and community enhancement.

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

Oh my gosh its better than i could ever imagined. Im just overwhelmed! Your kindness has really touched me. Thank you!

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

I absolutely recommend Mind-Chill! What an Amazing project, with a mission to help Chill the World out! Beautiful artwork with tons of nft utility, an awesome community that is kind and compassionate and welcoming. I literally can't speak highly enough about Jamie and Mind-Chill!!! I will be a supporter for life!!!

Keith Spartan
Mind Chill NFT Guardian

Loooovveeee it so much helps my mind at ease and also helps my autistic daughter she also loooves it as calms her from meltdowns. Thank u please keep doimg what u do we love u thank uxx

Lisa Mabe


Upcoming NFT Project - Mind Chill Guardians - Metaverse of Chill

For 20 years, Jamie (Mind Chill), has been creating and curating digital art and creativity.

Working with some of the world’s biggest charities, brands, telecoms, broadcasters and film studios.

• 60M+ Digital Art Downloads.

• NFT & DeFi Artist experimenting with the fusion of human creativity and AI to create the chill across all realities.

• Building a Metaverse of Chill!



Our diverse team & advisors include skillsets from all sectors of society from healthcare, media, finance to art. 

Our community spans Discord, TelegramTwitterFacebook & Instagram.

Over 6 billion views supporting creativity!

Full Team / Advisor list available here

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With our patner Kaizen's track record of 45+ token launches and $150M Locked in funds, access to top-tier launchpads, market makers and liquidity pools, all under stringent security.

Now is the time!


For LIVE updates please visit: Mind Chill Telegram


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