The Awakening Begins: Mind Chill NFT Guardians Stir and Tranche 2 Takes Flight!

We're super excited to kick off the Guardian Awakening! 

This marks the beginning of bringing your Mind Chill Guardians to life, as they awaken without memories and are ready to be shaped by your imagination.

As an extra bonus thank you, each Guardian comes with a unique digital 'Origin Art' fragment, signed by Jamie (Mind Chill) This artwork will help your Guardian uncover their mysterious past and hidden potential.

When your sleeping Guardian wakes up, the old NFT is burnt and replaced with a shiny new awakened Guardian.

Then get ready for the Programming phase, coming your way soon! You'll get the chance to mold your Guardian's backstory, personality, and unique attributes, creating a truly one-of-a-kind chill 2 earn companion.

Guardians will wake up based on priority, but you can speed up the process by getting involved in the community and participating in chill activities, challenges, and events! The more you dive into the community, the faster your Guardian will wake up, unlocking all that amazing chill 2 earn potential.

At first, a select group of early-awakened Guardians will test the waters, fine-tuning the programming experience. Once everything's perfect, we'll open the Guardian Programming phases to all of you lovely folks!

The First Mind Chill Guardians Ready to be Awaken are:

Guardian 253
Guardian 718
Guardian 760
Guardian 884
Guardian 1024
Guardian 1200
Guardian 1339
Guardian 1692
Guardian 2107
Guardian 2201
Guardian 2925
Guardian 2967
Guardian 2969
Guardian 1492
Guardian 2524
Guardian 2540
Guardian 2614
Guardian 2649
Guardian 4999

Once your Guardian's awake, submit them as a Chill 2 Earn companion to the upcoming Mind Chill A.I Companion Messenger. That way, you can earn Mind Chill Coin, tokens, and rewards as others interact with your Guardian and chill their minds.

Mind Chill Guardians that have been approved for awakening, the Bank of Chill Beta is now set up to awaken your Guardian:

Secure an EXCLUSIVE Early Awakening Spot as a REWARD! 

Be among the first to awaken your Mind Chill NFT Guardian and unlock their full potential! 

NEW Tranche 2 Sleeping Guardians and 100 NEW Custom Guardian model vouchers just RELEASED!