Mind Chill and Kaizan Finance team up to launch Mind Chill Coin ($GOCHILL)

Mind Chill Coin and Kazien Finance Team up to Launch Mind Chill Coin $GOCHILL

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Devon, UK, 13/12/2023

First came Bitcoin, then Alt/MemeCoins, the FTX Debacle, a Horrendous Bear Market. Now, it’s time to Grab some Mind Chill Coin and Just $GOCHILL

Mind Chill and Kaizan Finance team up to launch Mind Chill Coin ($GOCHILL): The Token to Mellow out the Globe.

“Peace of mind is our strongest weapon against societal chaos, and a calm mind is essential in combating society's darkest tendencies, from violence to extremism” Jamie (Mind Chill)

Powered by Polygon Labs, and supported by Mind Chill NFT Guardians

Addressing $1 Trillion a year problem of poor mental health and grief.

It’s time to unleash Mind Chill Coin, with the ticker symbol $GOCHILL

Chill 2 Earn - A New Era of Digital Currency:

Everyone is stressed out! People in crisis are given pills to numb the pain, or they seek alternative substances to crave. Elections, wars and toxic engagement divide. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Solution is Simple: Incentivize the chill!

In a time where headlines often mirror horror stories more than reality, Mind Chill Coin introduces a sobering counter-narrative. The link is clear: when people's minds are troubled, it can lead to very bad things in society, like violence and extreme beliefs. The antidote? It may just be as straightforward as this: cultivate a chilled-out populace, and you pave the way for a more tranquil planet. Mind Chill Coin isn’t just about market disruption; it’s about societal intervention and disrupting reality to create The Chill.

Mental Health Credits: A Tangible Impact

Each Mind Chill Coin $GOCHILL transaction earns 'Proof of Chill' Credits, used for accessing a range of mental wellness and chill-out resources, services and products accessible to individuals and institutions.

Mind Chill Marketplace

Our Marketplace Mission is to become the 'Amazon of Mental Wellness' – a vast, trusted chill-out marketplace linking users to a serene world of mental well-being, products, services, activities and support to help you find your chill.

Projections by Statista suggest the wellness market could grow to almost $7 trillion by 2025, underscoring the sector's substantial economic influence and potential​.

Real Utility: In the digital expanse where utility often takes a backseat to hype, Mind Chill Coin steers in a different direction. It powers the Metaverse of Chill – a Chill-Out ecosystem where utility and mental wellness converge. Encompassing Immersive Virtual Worlds, Experiences and Games, Mind Chill Marketplace, Mind Chill Messenger, and Mind Chill Media. It's designed not just for engagement but for genuine support of mental well-being. Here, every transaction is a step towards a healthier mindset, with tangible value that extends beyond the screen. In this network, $GOCHILL isn't just a token – We want it to be a key to a more balanced digital life.

Cross-Chain Innovation: Mind Chill Coin offers cross-chain functionality across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana. The token's design incorporates an audited smart contract and robust security measures, ensuring a reliable and secure digital asset.

Seamless Bridging and Enhanced Security: Kaizan Finance's advanced bridging solution guarantees effortless movement of $GOCHILL across various blockchain networks. This, combined with comprehensive cybersecurity, provides a secure and uninterrupted experience for users.

Staking and Token Vesting: Mind Chill Coin introduces innovative staking options and token vesting mechanisms, allowing owners to engage with their assets in a dynamic and flexible manner, available for applicable countries.

Experience meets Rebellion: In a world where digital currencies often spark more drama than a daytime soap, Kaizen Finance brings its heavyweight title to the ring – over 45 token launches and a cool $150 million in locked funds, access to launchpads, market makers and Liquidity pools – all with the security of a vault.

Enter Mind Chill, created for those who’ve been mumbling under their breath, "When did the market turn into a circus, and where's the chill-out tent?" Cue Mind Chill Coin; a salute to the sceptics, the star-gazers, and the sanity seekers. While the world cooks up chaos, we’re serving up the chill!

Steve Jobs said it best, ‘Everything in LIFE is made up by people no smarter than you, which means you can change it!’

It’s time to disrupt reality! So, bag some Mind Chill Coin and Just $GOCHILL

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