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Mind Chill NFT Guardians - Part of Upcoming NFT Metaverse of Chill

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NEW Tranche 2 - 3452 / 5000 LEFT!

  • Grab your unique Mind Chill NFT Guardian! Your gateway to a Chill 2 Earn universe brimming with passive rewards, NFTs & tokens.
  • Buy Now! Price increases each week!
  • Gain access to choose your unique sleeping Guardian.
  • Be the first to awaken them to reveal their eye color and mystery Mind Chill Coin bonuses for up to 3 years.
  • Go beyond ownership. Develop a one-of-a-kind Chill 2 Earn companion, a reflection of you, your imagination, a bespoke brand. 
  • Craft their traits and narrative through interactive conversations and prompts.

  • Share and earn! Submit your Guardian to our upcoming A.I Companion Messenger Apps and reap Mind Chill Coin tokens, sponsored rewards, and more.

  • Together, we're tackling the $1 Trillion/year mental health crisis.
  • Mind Chill Guardians and Upcoming NFT Metaverse of Chill are Powered by Mind Chill Coin, Polygon Labs & NEW Partnership: OKX Chain.
  • Purchase now to secure an exclusive Bonus - a Signed Digital Origin Art piece!
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