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Empower Women 💜 Custom NFT ⭐ Mind Chill Guardians 🪐

Empower Women 💜 Custom NFT ⭐ Mind Chill Guardians 🪐



Special offer! ONLY 12 LEFT


Unlock the Beauty of Individuality

Grab this Limited Edition Opportunity to have a Unique 1/1 Custom NFT Mind Chill Guardian Portrait, crafted in your likeness and personalized to your style. Each, created by Metaverse of Chill Creator and Award Winning Digital Artist, Jamie (Mind Chill).

Be a part of this special NFT Art collection and Interactive Exhibition and Chill 2 Earn passive Mind Chill Coin whilst empowering women!



Awaken Your Guardian & Reveal Bonus Rewards!

GREEN EYES - 1 Mind Chill Coin a day for 1 years!
BLUE EYES - 3 Mind Chill Coin a day for 3 years!
PURPLE EYES - 2 Mind Chill Coin a day for 2 years!
GREEN EYES - 1 Mind Chill Coin a day for 1 years!
BLUE EYES - 3 Mind Chill Coin a day for 3 years!
PURPLE EYES - 2 Mind Chill Coin a day for 2 years!


Reviews & Responses


Oh MY God! Jamie, this is awesome! I am mesmerised. There are no words ! Oh My God!!! So excited to be a part of the collection.


I'm a Mom of 2 fully grown adults, been in real estate for over 15yrs, and a i'm a cancer survivor. This is such a great idea I LOVE MINE!


What really amazes me is the transition phase frames from the awakening animation. Its just stunning! I could produce 20 different original artworks from it all worthy of standing alone! 


OMGOSH Jamie!!! You have absolutely made my entire year!!! ❤️ You couldn't have curated or captured every element any more perfect than you did matching her to me!!


Is THAT my custom???? Shes f***ing awesome.!!!!. Oh my freaking god . Shes absolutely perfect! Thats really for me??




Your Life. Your Legacy.

Once Awakened, It's time to program your Guardian's A.I.

Unlock Mind Chill Messenger BETA and the opportunity to Chill 2 Earn additional Mind Chill Coin and NFTs by becoming one of the first A.I Companions to support and empower women.  

Programming is easy! Share your story and the life lessons you've learned via simple guided chats with your Beautifully Unique Custom Mind Chill A.I. Guardian. 

You will be contributing to a pool of shared wisdom accessible to the Mind Chill community. This process serves to inspire and empower women around the globe, making each Mind Chill Guardian a unqiue beacon of empowerment and trusted support.

Don't Miss Out!

BE A PART OF the mind chill Guardian Collection
Signed Personalized NFT Portrait Art
Empower Women with your Story
Earn Mind Chill Coin and NFT's

Shaping the Metaverse OF CHILL

Earning, Empowering, and Engaging

The Metaverse of Chill presents a Unique Earning Opportunity with Mind Chill Coins. As the more people interact with your AI Guardian in the upcoming Messenger Apps, the more Mind Chill Coins you earn!

The process of shaping AI Guardians, earning Mind Chill Coins and contributing to women's empowerment, creates a cycle of positive impact.

The more interaction, the greater the earning and the more significant the contribution to empowering women.This is the unique cycle of growth and impact that defines the Metaverse of Chill.

how does it work?

Simple & Easy 

1.Secure your Custom Guardian
2.Upload photo in welcome email link
3.Provide Style Direction and Feedback
4.Awaken & Program to Chill 2 Earn!
Who is Jamie (Mind Chill) ?

On A Mission To Chill The World out!

For 20 years, Jamie (Mind Chill), has been creating and curating digital art and creativity.

Working with some of the world’s biggest charities, brands, telecoms, broadcasters and film studios.

• 60M+ Digital Art Downloads.

• NFT & DeFi Artist experimenting with the fusion of human creativity and AI to create the chill across all realities.

• The internet is trained on hate and fake engagment, so we are going to flip it by building a new reality: A Metaverse of Chill!



1/1 Unique Custom Origin Art to complement your Mind Chill Guardian!

BUY today and additonaly unlock a unique part of your Guardians history when they awaken as an exclusive bonus offer.

Each are unique, created and signed by Jamie (Mind Chill) to exclusively match your custom Mind Chill Chill Guardian at no extra charge.  

Limted Slots for Reduced Price Tiers

Act Now! Grab your place in the Limited Edition Mind Chill Guardian NFT collection

24/7 Community Support on Mind Chill Discord, Telegram & Facebook 


Do you have a support community? 
There is always a OG Mind Chill Guardian available to support and help you via Mind Chill Discordand Mind Chill Telegram.
What is Mind Chill Coin?

Introducing The TOKEN to chill the world out!

Its main utility is to power Chill 2 Earn economics to fund, incentivise and reward inspiration, kindness, sustainable commerce and creativity, whilst providing the Bank of Chill Treasury fund with capital.

Mind Chill Coin token sales support the Bank of Chill. Monies raised give the Bank of Chill capital to fund creative ideas and businesses, virtual worlds, games, NFTs and DAPPs to help build the ecosystem of the Metaverse of Chill.

Trade Mind Chill Coin token for exclusive virtual and real-world assets and services, virtual land, businesses, tickets to events, memberships to clubs, original sustainable creativity, art, fashion and so much more across all realities in the Metaverse of Chill and it’s partners.

What is Chill 2 Earn Economics?

Earn Mind Chill Coin (MCMC), tokens, sponsored rewards and NFT’s by chilling your mind, whilst at the same time, benefiting society.

Instead of just gaining prizes for fighting and competing, we intend to reward users and communities via experiences, missions and games that can help put them in the chill zone, across all realitie:

Be Creative

Be Active

Be Mindful

Be Logical

Be Kind

Be Adventurous

Be Inspirational

What is the Bank of Chill?

The Bank of Chill is the treasury to securely store, pool, generate and distribute Mind Chill (MCMC) tokens, NFT’s, and portals for the Metaverse of Chill.

A percentage of all primary and secondary Mind Chill NFT sales and activities go to fund the Bank of Chill to help chill the world out!

Bank of Chill distributes rewards to advisors, staff, developers and creatives.

The Bank of Chill fund allows anyone to pitch a case for a portal initiative LIVE to 15,000 Guardians via Mind Chill NFT TV.

Upon acceptance and delivery, they are recompensed via the Bank of Chill.

The Bank of Chill also provides:

User Rewards: Rewards users and communities via experiences, missions and games that can help put them, and others, in the chill zone, across all realities.

Liquidity: Providing Mind Chill tokens for the liquidity for Chill 2 Earn Economics inside the Metaverse of Chill.

Disclaimer: This "bank" operates exclusively within the context of the Metaverse of Chill and is not affiliated with any real-world financial institution.

It is intended solely for chilling out the world purposes and should not be relied upon for any real-world financial transactions, investment advice, or other financial services

Is there a 2023 Mind Chill Guardians Roadmap?

Q1 2023: Guardian Empowerment and Expansion:

Develop dynamic admin system for Guardians and minting engine

Introduce unique origin art pieces for Guardians

Migrate Guardian information to IPFS for decentralized storage

Redesign the Bank of Chill for user-responsive experiences

Update community with announcements

The Awakening Date Announcement 14th April

Create A.I MVP programming functionality

Q2 2023: Engaging and building the Guardian Community

Commence Awakening Beta Launch for Tranche 1 on April 14th in the Bank of Chill

Refresh website to showcase upgraded features and AI

Announcement about new features

Launch Tranche 2 Guardians and custom collectable series to claim

Guardian A.i programming launch.

Mind Chill Messenger Beta Launch

Q3 2023: Expanding the Mind Chill

Launch Mind Chill NFT Marketplace

mplement Marketing Plan

Host Guardian Community Competitions

Exclusive Mind Chill NFT Guardians drop on (to be revealed) Marketplace

Mind Chill NFT Guardians Partnership Drop Date announcement.

Polygon Labs and Mind Chill promotion of Guardians and Messenger Launch

Mind Chill Messenger - AI Companions on web, iOS, and Android platforms Release*

Q4 2023: Innovating the Mind Chill Experience

Implement Chill 2 Earn activities and reward system for all Guardian companions.

Mind Chill AI Companion Messenger with Mixed/Virtual Reality and gaming consoles

Empower users to create, share, and sell custom prompt upgrades and art style packs without coding knowledge

Offer Restful API for advanced development and automation in prompt upgrade packs

Launch Mind Chill Smartwatch

Ceek Mind Chill Guardian Launch and Awakening.

Introduce NFT Style Packs in Messenger for custom Guardian content creation

Provide new revenue streams for artists, brands, authors, & influencers via Style Packs

Extend Mind Chill AI Companion Messenger to chrome, Edge & Brave browsers

Forge partnerships with additional exchanges, mobile carriers, and operators

Implement Guardian Voting system for Metaverse of Chill.

Mind Chill Coin (MCMC) Token Generation Event (TGE) with partners*

*DISCLAIMER Please note there are a number of variables that may delay or bring forward dates. These forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of Mind Chill's team and management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to us. They are only predictions. Should one or more of these micro or macro risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, including changes in regulatory policies, timings, changes in laws, or discovery of previously unknown legal requirements, actual results may vary materially. While Mind Chill believes that the expectations reflected in its forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance, achievements, timing of milestones,. Moreover, neither Mind Chill nor any other person assumes any responsibility for the occurrence of unanticipated events. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

For LIVE updates please visit Mind Chill Discord: Mind Chill Discord

Do you have legal classification of your NFT's?

YES Our Mind Chill NFT's have been categorised by our lawyers and based on the general activities being carried on by Mind Chill in the metaverse of chill, it will not be required to register with the FCA as a cryptoasset business or to comply with any other aspect of the regulatory perimeter.

For full classification questionnaire please join our Mind Chill Telegram

Is Mind Chill legit?

We have been chilling minds since 2017 amassing millions of views.

Our diverse team & advisors include skillsets from all sectors of society from healthcare, media, finance to art.

Our community spans Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Over 6 billion views supporting creativity!

Full Team / Advisor list available here

During a tough Bear market and crypto winter Mind Chill has kept building, communicating with our community and have overcome many challenges.

Here are 2 recent comments about owning a Mind Chill NFT Guardian:

Persistence. Patience. Progression.

Bear or Bull, doesn’t matter…

#MindChill keeps building

This is one of the first project’s I bought in to!

One of the OG Guardians is my PFP! Slowly but steady @Mindchill360 is building and growing!

I urge you to join their discord and learn more about the project!

Oh yes, The art is mesmerizing too!

How do we address potential biases when using A.I

The strength of our Mind Chill Messenger - A.I companions initiative lies in its diverse community contributions. By encouraging individuals to share their stories, we aim to represent a broad spectrum of experiences, which can act as a countermeasure against biases.

Individualized Experiences Counteract Bias: When programming your Guardian's A.I., you're not just sharing a story; you're embedding a unique perspective. By pooling together diverse life lessons from various backgrounds, we reduce the chance that any single bias dominates the collective knowledge of the AI companions.

Your Legacy Against Prejudice: Each interaction with your Custom Mind Chill A.I. Guardian helps refine its understanding and approach. By contributing, you're directly assisting in creating an AI that is more representative, inclusive, and unbiased. The more personal stories and experiences we collect, the more holistic and balanced our AI becomes.

Championing Equity in AI: The aim of the Mind Chill program isn't just empowerment; it's about redefining how technology interacts with humanity. By creating a platform where individual stories become a foundation for AI training, we're pushing towards a more equitable technological future.

In essence, your involvement and wisdom play a crucial role. By feeding the AI a multitude of personal experiences, you're not just empowering women but also ensuring the technology remains fair and unbiased. We have some great proven examples of how we are helping and people. A.I is currently trained on the internet - which is full of hate - time to flip it, and create a Metaverse of Chill :)

What happens to the Guardian Bonus Yield if I sell?

If a Guardian is sold while it is still within the MC Coin yield timeframe, the accumulated coin will be deposited to the current owner's wallet at time of sale. Once that transaction has occurred, the new owner's wallet will be attached to the Guardian and the remaining future coin yield will be available to the new, and current owner.

How are Mind Chill NFT Guardians connected to the Metaverse of Chill?

Mind Chill Guardians Help Shape the Metaverse of Chill

Become a part of the Mind Chill Guardians community that VOTE to determine the direction of the Metaverse of Chill.

Share your experiences, exchange ideas, and foster camaraderie among fellow NFT owners. Engage in exclusive events, challenges, and collaborations to help chill the world out!

As our world turns into a computer game and artificial intelligence continues to reshape the job market, mental health challenges are predicted to amplify the current $1 trillion loss in the global economy threefold in the coming years.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to create and be a part of a new reality to help chill the world out!

For full details download the Mind Chill Purple Paper:

What is Mind Chill Messenger - A.I. Companions?

Our upcoming Mind Chill Messenger apps provide unique and personalized A.I chill-out Guardian companions to support, listen, entertain, and help you chill2earn*

We understand that sometimes you need a trustworthy friend to talk to, someone who can be there for you without any biases, a Guardian. That's where Mind Chill Messenger comes in.

Our Mind Chill Guardians are unlike any other AI companions out there.

They are personally programmed by their NFT holders to have a unique backstory, characteristics, and tone. You can choose the guardian that resonates with you

the most and customize them to your liking.

But that's not all - Mind Chill Messenger allows you to upgrade your guardian companions with abilities and skill sets via the embedded Mind Chill A.I plugins store.

Earn rewards for interacting with

you’re A.I chill out companion and discover the mystery behind the purple moon!

Mind Chill Guardians are the gateway to the Metaverse of Chill – A New Reality.


Data Privacy - How are you protecting the information?

Our Mind Chill Messenger – A.I Companion initiative thrives on its community-driven ethos, drawing upon stories and life lessons from diverse voices to ensure a rich tapestry of experiences inform our AI. When individuals interact through guided conversations with their unique Custom Mind Chill A.I. Guardian, they're essentially populating a vast pool of collective wisdom accessible to the entire Mind Chill community.

But we take data ownership and protection as one of our founding pricinciples.

Data Protection:

Data security is paramount to us. We utilize advanced encryption and conduct regular system audits to fend off potential vulnerabilities.


We're steadfast in preserving the integrity of the stories and life lessons entrusted to us. Our AI's design principles prioritize fair representation, ensuring a broad spectrum of inputs is taken into account, devoid of biases.


The Guardian NFT holder retains ownership rights of the stories. While we utilize these stories and input for AI advancement, the connection between the data and its NFT holder remains intact. It’s a symbiotic relationship, where our A.I. Guardian grows in tandem with its owner's unique narrative.

Revenue Sharing:

We're thrilled to introduce our interactive revenue model. Chill 2 Earn Economics NFT holders earn Mind Chill Coins based on how much engagement their Guardian receives when shared in the Messenger. The more interactions your Guardian garners, the more coins you accumulate. It's our way of rewarding the community for their active participation and story-sharing.

Our pledge is twofold: to infuse calm into the world and to do so with the utmost respect for the trust our community bestows upon us.

The internet is trained on hate, we want to flip it and create a Metaverse of Chill.