Chillscape Islands

Unleash Your Mind: Join the Revolution of Chill!

Attention Mental Health Innovators!

Get ready to revolutionize the way we address the $1 trillion problem of poor mental health.

Step into a world where mindfulness & creativity meet the cutting edge of ai, gaming, mixed & virtual reality.

Chillscape islands

The central nervous system of the metaverse of Chill combining 15 beautifully crafted community islands each designed with a specific theme to elevate your mental well-being and create the chill.

Own or rent one of our 3,500 commercial plots on each island and become a part of the solution.

Offer your therapy services, mindfulness practices, or represent your brand in the metaverse of Chill.

Guided by Guardians

Our network of 15,000 Mind Chill NFT Guardians, are located at the heart of the central island's Guardians Gallery, to keep the metaverse secure and peaceful, ensuring a sanctuary for all who visit.

Join us in our mission to disrupt reality and elevate minds.

Chillscape Islands, where mindfulness meets the future.

Mind Chill NFT Guardians

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Upcoming NFT Project - Mind Chill Guardians - Metaverse of Chill


For 20 years, Jamie (Mind Chill), has been creating and curating digital art and creativity.

Working with some of the world’s biggest charities, brands, telecoms, broadcasters and film studios.

• 60M+ Digital Art Downloads.

• NFT & DeFi Artist experimenting with the fusion of human creativity and AI to create the chill across all realities.

• Building a Metaverse of Chill!


mind chill

Team / Advisors / Community

Our diverse team & advisors include skillsets from all sectors of society from healthcare, media, finance to art. 

Our community spans Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Over 4 billion views supporting creativity!

Full Team / Advisor list available here

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Metaverse Crypto and NFT's to chill the world out!

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It outlines our vision and mission to help chill the world out!

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Absolutely Blown away!

Talk about creative!

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

I got into this project for the focus on mental health and the amazing artwork. Then found tokenomics/economics focused on sustainability and developing an envirionment that truley rewards personal and community enhancement.

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

Oh my gosh its better than i could ever imagined. Im just overwhelmed! Your kindness has really touched me. Thank you!

Mind Chill NFT Guardian

I absolutely recommend Mind-Chill! What an Amazing project, with a mission to help Chill the World out! Beautiful artwork with tons of nft utility, an awesome community that is kind and compassionate and welcoming. I literally can't speak highly enough about Jamie and Mind-Chill!!! I will be a supporter for life!!!

Keith Spartan
Mind Chill NFT Guardian

Loooovveeee it so much helps my mind at ease and also helps my autistic daughter she also loooves it as calms her from meltdowns. Thank u please keep doimg what u do we love u thank uxx

Lisa Mabe

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