On A Mission To Chill The World Out!

Mind Chill NFT
Purple Tree Forest Collection 

Crypto NFT Art and Virtual Tree House Plots Auction

Supporting Mental Health

Bad Mental Health SUCKS! 

25% of all NFT Art and Virtual Land sales will go to support creatives to generate and action creative ideas to help people suffering with mental health.


Mind Chill Purple Tree Forest NFT ART Collection

Each NFT ART piece is digitally minted and comes with a physical canvas and AR (mixed reality) Mind Chill secret.

You can decide to share the XR Mind Chill Secret with the world, or keep it just for you.

50% of the sale of this NFT ART Collection will help fund the Purple Tree Forest DeFi NFT Virtual Location Development in the Metaverse of Chill.


Purple Tree Forest is the first Mind Chill DeFi NFT Virtual Real Estate Development
In the Metaverse of Chill.

200 x NFT Purple Tree House Plots Available

Once Purple Tree Plots are purchased, owners can work with my network of approved virtual architects and 3d designers, or their own, to build their dream Mind Chill Treehouse retreat.

200 Digital Purple Tree Forest Plots available covering 412.5 digital acres will drop soon!

  • 25 x 5 Digital Acre Plots 
  • 75 x 2.5 Digital Acre Plots  
  • 100 x 1 Digital  Acre Plots 

What can you do in the Mind Chill Purple Tree Forest?

  • Discover, before anyone else, the best new NFT Artists and collectables. 
  • Exclusive LIVE NFT ART Shows & Auctions.
  • Store your digital art and assets in style.
  • Rent out your virtual properties.
  • Access RARE independent creative shops with physical and digital goods.
  • Access to exclusive digital events.
  • Experience Mind Chill 360 Chillscapes.
  • Exclusive NFT AVATAR Auctions supported by TAFI 
  • Access your retreat via AR/Online/Mobile and VR. 


Virtual Property Sells for $1.5M in Ether, Smashing NFT Record

The Mind Chill DeFi NFT Purple Tree Forest Development is the first in the Metaverse of Chill.

NFT's are REVOLUTIONARY and will have profound economic implications (Thomas Fuhrman) #economicempowerment

NFT's are not what most think! The broader conception is the tokenization of physical things and even abstractions like ideas, agreements, datasets - making anything that has value into investable and tradable assets.

I personally believe NFT's, Defi and Blockchain are now the greatest investment opportunity of a lifetime.

WEB 3, NFT'S Crypto Currencies, 5G capable VR and AR headsets will advance digital creativity at an expedited rate over the next 5-10 years.

The next internet is coming, its a metaverse!

'The Minecraft kids' are now in their 20's and building DeFi and blockchain projects with VC's (Kane Waterworth)

'Digital natives will take us to the future of money, art, and web3' (Yorke Rhodes III - Microsoft Blockchain)

My Mission is to help solve the worlds biggest problems with creativity.

25% of the Mind Chill Purple Tree Forest collection will go into a fund to support NFT artists to help find CREATIVE solutions to support mental health.

Welcome to the Dawn of the Digital Artists

Jamie (Mind Chill) (5/2/2021)

I also asked my 7 year old son why you should bid?


I want my son to grow up in a world of creativity, inspiration, animals, nature and love!


On a mission to help make CREATIVITY the most VALUABLE currency in the World!


Since 2002 I have been creating and curating digital art. My art has featured innovative digital artists like Beeple, Aaron Thai and Glen Southern.


I believe NFT's change everything, they provide creatives with the opportunity to come up with crazy ideas to help chill the world out! But NFT's must be used for good!


We did it whilst no one was watching!
Because we had to, we are creatives!
Everything is about to change!

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